12 Pack Hair Colour Chalks

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Hair Chalking are the newest way to perfect that temporary hair color. Add a flair of color without the long-term commitment of dying.

Hair Color Chalks are non toxic soft pastels, they help you acheive a temporary hair colour that rubs directly onto your hair, then washes out!

Notice: We take every care to ship this product as safely as possible however the occasional chalk may arrive broken from the shipping process

However it's still completely usable and will not affect your results, please consider this before buying, thank you!

Will be supplied with instructions but here they are for reference:

1. Wear an old shirt that you won't mind chalking!

2.Spray water on the section of hair that you wish to dye. It can be a one-inch piece, multiple sections, or just the tips of your hair.

Be creative! (Note: if you have blonde hair, do not wet before chalking, as this will stain the hair and increase the colours permanence.

For a one-day wear, blondies chalk dry. If you don't mind a few days' colour, though, then wetting the hair is okay.

Brunettes need the water, as this releases more pigment in the chalk and allows it to show on dark hair.)

3. Colour on the hair with the pastel of your choice. Note that this stuff gets everywhere, so a towel on the floor will help prevent a mess.

4. Twist the hair as you colour, as this releases more pigment in the chalk.

Wait for the hair to dry. For better results let hair air dry, rather than use a hairdryer

5. Once hair is dry, go over the coloured pieces with the curling iron or straightener. This helps the colour last longer.

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