32 piece professional cosmetic brush set - Pink

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This Professional 32 piece Make up Brush set includes all the brushes you need for your eyes, lips & body.

Stunning design and fantastic workmanship make it very suitable for home use or pro make up.
All brushes have a strong wooden handle and soft bristles (appearance of brushes/bristles may vary but will always be a high standard)

Easy to use and durable!

Length of brushes: 17cm-22cm

Set comprises of:

 1. Fan shaped eye brush
2. Powder Brush
3. Blush brush
4. A foundation brush
5. Bevel rouge brush
6. Foundation brush
7. Large eye shadow brush
8. Queen eye shadow brush
9. Medium eye shadow brush
10. Medium eye shadow brush
11. Small eye round brush
12. Small eye shadow brush
13. Smoked eye shadow brush
14. Small eye shadow brush
15. Small eye shadow brush
16. Sponge eye shadow brush
17. Queen-size eye shadow brush light brush
18. Blooming brush
19. Flat head eye-liner brush
20. Lip Brush
21. Eye-liner brush
22. Bevel large eyebrow brush
23. Bevel eyebrow brush
24. Angled trumpet eyebrow brush
25. Lines brush fine eye-liner brush
26. Lines brush
27. Lashes volume
28. Around the corner dual-use finishing comb
29. Bevel small eye shadow brush
30. Concealer brush
31. Concealer brush point mole brush
32. Small fan eye brush

All presented in a great pink faux leather case
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