Whisky Stones or Whisky Disks - Drink coolers - choose either or both

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These great soapstone thermal rocks will sustain the temperature of your chilled drink without watering it down or keep your warm drinks nice and toasty

These handy little rock cubes are Eco-friendly not only because they are reusable but because they are manufactured with soapstone from factory excess

Why should I use these instead of ice?

If we add ice cube (which is made of water) into whiskey, it will start to melt and your drink becomes watered down and the flavour is affected

How to use whisky stones/disks?

Whisky Stones/disks are ideal for drinking with high quality whisky because they keep it at the perfect sipping temperature, they will not make your drink too cold or ruin the flavour

Put them into water for a few minutes then put them into freezer some hours before you use

Wash them after use

Advantages compared to a traditional ice cube:
  • Cool idea, cool gift for friends and family
  • They look great in the glass
  • Bring a nice chill to the drink; they don't water it down
  • The stone edges are rounded, preventing damage to your glassware
  • The stones stay at the bottom of the glass
  • The stones don’t add any flavours or smells to taint your drink
  • Can of course be used with any drink
Choose from a set of 9 x Whisky Stones (cube shaped) or 4 larger Whisky Disks or get one of each!
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